Friday, December 16, 2011

HIGHER THAN KITES: The End Of Gravity, JACOB HASHIMOTO at Mary Boone Gallery

There are some gallery shows that I go back to over and over and I take friends and family and then I hate to see the shows leave. This one in particular Jacob Hashimoto at Mary Boone Gallery at 745 5th Ave, since it's close to where I work, I can drop in at lunch and as an added incentive, in the lobby of this Art Deco building, there is a pianist from 11 to 1pm everyday (a rotation of 10 pianist share this engagement) it's a nice way to add a bit of glamour to your work day. I've told some of my colleagues about the show and I bet not one of them has gone yet and that's a shame, because we're all designers and I think there would be a common appreciation for Hashimoto's work. I hope they'll see this post and go over tomorrow, as it closes December 17, 2011.

Using traditional kite-making techniques Jacob Hashimoto assembles hundreds of bamboo and paper fragments, hand drawn and painted, strung together and suspended between dowels to form layered masterpieces.

The price list for these pieces is quite spectacular at $ 35,000 to $ 60,000 and last time I visited most of the work had sold. The amount of time and effort to assemble each of these pieces alone is remarkable but also each circle, rectangle and square has been hand drawn and/or painted. Let's just say it's been a love affair and unfortunately the affair ends this weekend.

I haven't distinguished if I'm in love with the pieces themselves or the what it took to make them, but most likely it's the combination of the two.

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