Saturday, November 17, 2012


Columbus in his living room
Tatzu Nishi's Discovering Columbus in Columbus Circle, NYC has been extended until December 2nd. Timed entry free tickets are currently available on the Public Art Fund site.  This is an incredibly unique experience to engage with Columbus in an intimate setting and was Mom, Nana and kid approved. From the outer platforms and inner windows one can see what Columbus has been looking at since 1882 and we enjoyed taking note of what the artist decided to include in the room from the wall paper, books and art in and around the room.

North View, from Columbus Circle

The wall paper

The book shelf

East view

He's the center of attention

Columbus Circle, east view with Central Park on the left

We forgot Nana was afraid of heights until we started up the scaffolding, that added a bit of fun to our climb

Sunday, November 4, 2012


View of the banks of East River under the FDR/Avenue C and 18th street about 8pm Oct 29, 2012
Despite what you hear on the news, their are many families still with out power, heat and gas in my neighborhood in NYC, but we are thankful we still have homes, we are just with out our conveniences. We are told we will be back up with power in 72 hours and heat and gas with in a week or so. This is the price we pay for this view we love so much.

What I'm also thankful for is the kid seeing what happens in a disaster such as this. How ipads, Xbox and TV  even ELECTRICITY are luxuries. We can survive with out them. Making dinner by candle light, lighting the burners with a match the one night we did have gas brought back memories of when I went through the ice storm in Atlanta in the 70's with my own parents. Let's get out some board games. I know how to do this.

This is what the kid and I saw around our neighborhood the last week. Did I mention how bad it smells? 

Avenue C and 18th street about 8pm Oct 29, 2012

Avenue C and 18th street about 8pm Oct 29, 2012

The cars around Avenue C, 20th and 23rd streets floated around and crashed in to each other and some damaged with debris and almost all flooded all the way to 1st Avenue.

Near the entrance to the FDR

We lost a lot of trees

Gas Station near 20th and Ave C

Entrance to the FDR

Our staircase was kind of scary. Someone felt their way with out a flash light to their apartment while injured.

Highline East for just a day. The FDR became a pedestrian walk way.
You have to keep your sense of humor. The kid was first to make it to the finish line 2012 NYC Marathon.

The empty bleachers at the canceled NYC Marathon
Below is a video of Sandy's storm surge on Avenue C and 18th street heading into Stuyvesant Town and downtown Manhattan.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


David Blaine Electrified October 6, 2012

Do we really care if David Blaine's latest stunt is dangerous or not? Just standing on the 20 foot high platform for 72 hours seems a bit challenging. Then add no food, sipping water through a tube and urinating via a catheter and it seems a bit torturous.

What I love about Blaine is the spectacle he creates. The kid loved it. I have close up pictures of Blaine smiling when the bolts hit him, but there is real danger in the exposure to ozone and nitrous oxides that are a byproduct of ionized air which is being taken care of with proper ventilation. 

If you have a chance make it over to Pier 54 to see him in person or you can stream the stunt live via YOUTUBE.

Friday, June 1, 2012


October 1999 Christie's auctioned the belongings of Marilyn Monroe which were being sold by the heirs of Lee Strasberg, to whom Monroe's will left ''all of my personal effects and clothing.''

I slipped over to Christie's new showroom at Rockefeller Center one afternoon to take a look at what was on the auction block. To my surprise no one was there except for this gentleman. He stood in this position for what seemed like an eternity having a quiet conversation with Marilyn. 

Happy Birthday Marilyn


This entrance sign appears loose and fun

but then there is this part of the sign...       

See the 'don't touch' sign middle left side?

Oh and by the way they are super serious, you are not going to touch anything!
You can sit in the chairs

Someone touched this

We really do like this show, but were really thrown by the non-touchiness of it, especially the kid, because it looks like it would be touchable. Also important to mention, if you decide to go, make sure you have enough time to go to the indoctrination station (I was told 45 minutes to get through the process) which allows you more access and the demonstrations only happen on predetermined dates; which I'm sure enhances the experience. 

Demos take place June 7th at 8pm or June 16th in which a marathon of demos will take place all day. Also noted Tuesdays 4pm to 7pm are free admission. More information at Tom Sachs official web site and family program info can be found at The Armory site.

Through June 17th...let the count down begin.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Do you ever wonder what will become of the kids today when tomorrow comes? I'm speaking of many, many tomorrows from now, but still...

My kid and I took a road trip for spring break, 850 miles, 6 cities/towns in seven days and as soon as we packed ourselves into the rental car he presented his itouch with a playlist for our drive and started taking pictures. He ended up with over 300 pics by trips end with an additional 20 or so movies and yes a lot of them have already been emptied into the trash, but to my surprise quite a few had merit for a ten year old.

This isn't unusual for kids today. There's an ease to produce content if they have the tools to do so, be it vacation pics or a school project, information and answers are as easy to find as their own or a parent's ipad, laptop or computer and they are madly proficient with these gadgets.

I question though, if we're doing a disservice to kids today? It's so easy to find answers, write a paper, produce a photograph or make a movie that I wonder if they know how to break a sweat doing anything other than sports? Maybe this ease leaves room for some other benefit that I'm missing, but I can't help think that progress should be earned to be appreciated. My Papa in his later years telling me he walked up hill both to and from school with cardboard in his shoes is making a lot of sense to me now. 

I want my kid to realize the gifts he has and how to use them appropriately for the future.

Here are a few of his photographs from our trip.

Just the other night the kid and I had a conversation that gives me reason to think, yes, he gets it.

 "I wish I had seen technology grow the way you did, that must have been exciting to have played the first ever video game" and I answered, "but it will advance for you in the same way, we just don't know what those advances are they're unfolding as we speak, you may experience the same growth in technology." he responded, "What if an alien is looking down at us right now saying, look at those cave men?"

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I always reply the same, "I love New York City!" Every time I speak on the phone with my Dad he mentions what a better quality of life I could have if I moved back down south. Last night he added, "in a few more years when the "Party" is over you'll want a quieter life and you'll realize. I laughed and asked what party? I'm not attending any "Parties"! Then what is it? he asked. "It's the art galleries, the museums, fashion, that we actually have four distinct seasons and bands always come to NYC unlike smaller's almost certain your favorite bands will stop here on tour." These were the first things that popped into my mind.

But there's so much more than that...just walking down the street to get to work in this city is engaging and visual. I wouldn't get this type stimulation commuting down a highway in the cocoon of my car if I lived in my former city. I'm here in NYC because I love the visual, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here is a selection of what I've seen on the way to work...

Adorable children on their way to school
57th and Lexington Avenue
57th street window shopping (LV)
Strangers M50 Bus
59th and Park Avenue
Mr. Bill Cunningham almost every morning on 57th and 5th Ave, but never on Friday's.

Last summer walking down 57th street, on my way to work, I noticed the traffic cop in the video link above directing traffic with such style. I had to get a closer look. I pulled out my phone and made a super8 app film of her. I was running late and had to get moving. I thought, I'll see her some other morning and get better footage, but I've yet to see her again.

So, Dad, this post is dedicated to you and this is one more reason I can't quit New York City, my commute to work in the morning.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OPTICAL CONCLUSIONS: Rafael Barrios on the Park Avenue Mall

Rafael Barrios' Sculpture at 57th street, three different views

Venezuelan artist Rafael Barrios explains that his sculptures are about “dislocating our perception in such a way that our mind’s eye will insist that you are seeing something that you are not.”

In early March 2012 when I first saw Barrios' sculpture pictured above I was walking towards 57th street from a few blocks away. At a distance it was almost disappointing to see these new sculptures on the Park Avenue Mall as I was reflecting on the previous year's Will Ryman sculptures with flowers and insects and how they reminded us that spring was on the way. These new sculptures were just shapes that seemed to be floating, ho hum. 

Side view looking west

Side view looking uptown

What works here though is that Barrios' sculptures are optically spectacular. They appear dimensional, but when viewed from all angles you'll realize the sculptures are actually very slim with hardly any volume at all. It seems every day I pass one the light has caught the shapes differently or an angle not realized before has been revealed. 

Looking west

Looking east
If you haven't walked down Park Avenue between 51st street and 67th street lately, you have until June 30th to see the sculptures in person. Highly recommended.