Sunday, January 15, 2012

SOMETIMES WE KNOW WHEN TO LEAVE: Hunting islands in South Carolina

Shoreline of Hunting Island, SC

We've been hunting this island for some years now. Probably 10 times or so we have come back to Hunting Island, South Carolina. We started coming because a relative has a place on a beach near by so it has become a comfortable trip to make with a young child. Every time we come though, we see how Mother Nature is busy at work, decluttering the shore line in a most aggressive way. It seems awfully unfair, but there is also a strikingly natural beauty to be discovered. I wonder at what point I (we) will decide not to come back for the erosion of this island seems to also depict the wax and wane of my own life. 

Jelly with a heart

When gathered here, we're on the hunt for new shoreline and treasures of a passionate sea which we also capture with photographs because some things can't be brought back with us.

Portuguese Man O War
Hunting Island Light House
Light House Window

A trunk left behind

Our most recent finds
Atlantic Cockle
Sea Urchin

Fish Vertebra

Con trails

Hazier days
Sand Ruffles

Wings left behind
Pelican Skull

She's taking away more than sand and trees


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