Sunday, October 7, 2012


David Blaine Electrified October 6, 2012

Do we really care if David Blaine's latest stunt is dangerous or not? Just standing on the 20 foot high platform for 72 hours seems a bit challenging. Then add no food, sipping water through a tube and urinating via a catheter and it seems a bit torturous.

What I love about Blaine is the spectacle he creates. The kid loved it. I have close up pictures of Blaine smiling when the bolts hit him, but there is real danger in the exposure to ozone and nitrous oxides that are a byproduct of ionized air which is being taken care of with proper ventilation. 

If you have a chance make it over to Pier 54 to see him in person or you can stream the stunt live via YOUTUBE.

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