Sunday, November 4, 2012


View of the banks of East River under the FDR/Avenue C and 18th street about 8pm Oct 29, 2012
Despite what you hear on the news, their are many families still with out power, heat and gas in my neighborhood in NYC, but we are thankful we still have homes, we are just with out our conveniences. We are told we will be back up with power in 72 hours and heat and gas with in a week or so. This is the price we pay for this view we love so much.

What I'm also thankful for is the kid seeing what happens in a disaster such as this. How ipads, Xbox and TV  even ELECTRICITY are luxuries. We can survive with out them. Making dinner by candle light, lighting the burners with a match the one night we did have gas brought back memories of when I went through the ice storm in Atlanta in the 70's with my own parents. Let's get out some board games. I know how to do this.

This is what the kid and I saw around our neighborhood the last week. Did I mention how bad it smells? 

Avenue C and 18th street about 8pm Oct 29, 2012

Avenue C and 18th street about 8pm Oct 29, 2012

The cars around Avenue C, 20th and 23rd streets floated around and crashed in to each other and some damaged with debris and almost all flooded all the way to 1st Avenue.

Near the entrance to the FDR

We lost a lot of trees

Gas Station near 20th and Ave C

Entrance to the FDR

Our staircase was kind of scary. Someone felt their way with out a flash light to their apartment while injured.

Highline East for just a day. The FDR became a pedestrian walk way.
You have to keep your sense of humor. The kid was first to make it to the finish line 2012 NYC Marathon.

The empty bleachers at the canceled NYC Marathon
Below is a video of Sandy's storm surge on Avenue C and 18th street heading into Stuyvesant Town and downtown Manhattan.

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