Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The square wheeled bicycle path at The Museum of Mathematics

Looks like fun, huh?
I've read many complaints about this museum and the kid was absolutely against going, asking "Why would I want to go to a museum to learn more about school stuff?" I explained to him that they had a square wheeled bicycle you could ride which I felt was worth a whirl or two. So we went and even though there are issues, more than a few exhibits were not functioning, the floor layouts are confusing and tight and there didn't seem to be anyone around to help explain the activities, we ended up having a great time.

One of my favorite exhibits is this video projection that uses an image of your body to make a fractal image that makes you into a tree.

Rabbit, monkey and dinosaur interlocking puzzle pieces

We painted this pattern with virtual paint brushes

There were so many hands on interactive puzzles, multi-dimensional and pattern type computer animation activities that I kept the kid busy for 2 hours. We will definitely go back to MO Math to view the exhibits that weren't working during our visit and see how the museum grows as it has only been open a few months. 

As we left the kid said that was fun, that wasn't like school at all...

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