Sunday, August 17, 2014


If you're in the NYC vicinity this weekend or next you have no excuse not to go see these 4 floors of brilliance at 21st Precinct. It's running today and next Saturday and Sunday, August 23 and 24th 1-6pm at 327 22nd Street.

This building is in my hood. I've passed it a thousand times. I've always been interested in the goings on inside because it was a half way house for LGBTQ teens. The teens would hang out on the front steps as entertaining eye candy as I would pass by. I thought often there must be amazing stories inside. Now to find out the former history as a violent police precinct dating back to the 1800's I'm even more intrigued, but now it's to be demolished like so many other buildings for more luxury condos.

But let's get back to what you're going to see...some of the names Elle, Hellbent, Pesu, Pixote, RAE, Smells, Ghost, Adam Dare, Sheryo and The Yok, Lexi Bella, Vexta, Damon Johnson, Never, Mr. Toll, bunny M, Faust, Ricardo Cabret, GIZ, Tone Tank, Ket, and Nepo...the list goes on and on... start on the 4th floor and work your way down. My only disappointment is that my kid isn't going to be in town to view this with me. We've posted about our love of graffiti before WE SPY, but hopefully given this success Outlaw Arts will find more buildings to dress-up on their way out of the city's grid.

For those of you that can't get yourselves here...this is what you would have seen. Enjoy!

wax candle corpse with video installation

Esteban Del Valle The Warriors

N. Carlos Jay City Busy Dying


Rusto, Magic Smoke and receipts

This bathroom was one of my favorites. Thank you LV ART!

I'm soaking this up...

Jesper Haynes was a printer for Ralph Gibson in the 80's I loved his darkroom installation...

Jesper Haynes' photos

It's been a good while since I have seen a space oozing with creativity and non-pretentiousness. I hope this continues and thank you to Outlaw Arts for giving these artists the space they deserve to express themselves. 

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