Monday, August 15, 2011

DOLLAR, DOLLAR BILL Y'ALL : Hans-Peter Feldman, The Hugo Boss Prize 2010

I've never really cared for the color green indoors, but this room gave me reason to re-think that design call and you have until November 2, 2011 to venture in to the Guggenheim and stand in this room and make your own judgement. 100,000 overlapping one dollar bills, appearing like shingles, pinned to the walls and you know what? It really feels pretty damn good to stand there and look at it. The kid and I even counted areas to try and determine how much was accumulated on each wall, because it's hard to believe 100,00 bills are really there. 

Last November German conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann was named the winner of the eighth Biennal Hugo Boss Prize, an award bestowed by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and sponsored by Hugo Boss for significant achievement in contemporary art. Some other famous artists associated with this award are Mathew Barney (Winner 1996), William Kentridge and Pipilotti Rist (Nominated 1998). 

For receiving the award there is the gift of $100,000 and an exhibition at the Guggenheim. Hans-Peter Feldmann has decided to show us the money, literally.

Photo From :The World of Interiors November 2009

It took museum art handlers roughly 13 days to pin the bills to the museum walls and it's quite a nice aesthetic. It reminded me of a page I ripped out of the November 2009 issue of The World of Interiors. (A fantastic publication by the way, that I use to swipe from work after everyone had thumbed through it) I saw this wall above and thought I have to do this in my apartment. It's a shame that most of us New Yorkers have one bedroom apartments and so many ideas that we want to execute just can't come to fruition, but I have kept this page in my inspiration book because one day I will do it and I'm still thinking about what material I will use for it as I would like for it to be recycled or recyclable, sustainable...

Well now, how about money?

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