Monday, August 1, 2011


August Morning 7 am
I'm not a morning person, just ask the people who know me well. On many mornings the lyrics to Amanda Palmer's Have to Drive would be my theme song...

"I suffer mornings most of all, I feel so powerless and small, by ten o'clock I'm back in bed fighting the jury in my head" 

Though it dawned on me recently that some of my favorite experiences happen in the early morning. Wondrous sunrises, waking to my son sleeping in the morning light when he's crawled in next to me in the middle of the night or making a beautiful breakfast for friends and family.

July Morning 6 am

Last Thursday morning I woke at 6 am, the sun coming in the window so strong that I was dreaming I was on the beach. I peeked out an eyelid and found a horse's head. A shadow on the wall made by the clothes I'd not put away the night before. Procrastination pays off once again. I took this visual in and rolled over, closed my eyes to go back to sleep. My mind said to my sleepyhead, "there's a shadow horse on your wall...take a picture." I did take the shot and I went right back to sleep...5 minutes later I peeked out again and he was gone. 

Shadows are fascinating to me. At times haunting and fleeting. My favorite shadows are the ones produced naturally from the Sun. In the winter the sun plays at our windows only a short time, then disappears from view. The spring and summer sun lingers given the position of our apartment windows.  If we're patient we can watch the shadows grow, play and then disappear. 

November Morning 7:04 am
Our apartment has allowed us an awe-inspiring daily front row seat.

Amanda Palmer Have to Drive Studio Version

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