Saturday, September 17, 2011


Do Ho Suh, fallen star 1/5

I wrote this post a week ago, but it's been hard to find time to post these days, life is good, really good and it's about damn time, but I'm determined to keep this blog going, so bear with me. 

So it was the first Thursday in September and that means openings in abundance in Chelsea, Yeah! 

The kid once commented that "going to Chelsea on Thursday opening nights was like Halloween for adults, you go door to door and instead of candy there's wine, you see some cool things, people dressed up and then you go home with new ideas." Come on you cool kids it's September, it's Back to Art!

But why did I think it would be easy, huh? I wanted to take the kid. It was his first day of school, he already had homework, he really didn't smell so good from all the first day running around, he needed a shower before I would even consider sitting in a taxi with him, so we headed out late and the traffic grew by leaps and bounds as we headed west. Unfortunately, we arrive at 8pm which is usually the closing time on opening night, but Chelsea was still bustling and it appeared nothing was closing any time soon, but just in case I asked the friends we were meeting,  "We have time for one show. What should we see?" No question, it's unanimous, Do Ho Suh at Lehmann maupin Gallery. And they mention Tilda Swinton was seen in the gallery, we bolt!

Do Ho Suh, fallen star 1/5 (Suh's childhood home in Korea collides with his new found home in Rhode Island where he attended RISD)

"I wanna carry my house, my home with me all the time, like a snail" Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh, Fallen Star 1/5 detail...(Looking in, looking out)
Do Ho Suh, Fallen Star 1/5, detail..(look at the detail in this room)

Do Ho Suh, Fallen Star 1/5 detail, cross section (Needless to say the kid is mesmerized)

"In my work, I can let other people see things differently" Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh, Specimen Series

Do Ho Suh, Specimen Series

Do Ho Suh, Specimen Series

Do Ho Suh, Specimen Series

I'm not going to tell you all about Do Ho Suh the artist, I'm just learning about him myself, but you can find more info at the gallery link above and you can watch this insightful interview with SUH on PBS Video Art:21 (Do Hu Suh's interview starts at 27:50 minutes) 

If you're in NYC GO SEE THIS SHOW! (Home Within Home closes October 22, 2011)

Do Ho Suh, Home Within Home

PBR on the floor of the gallery (Obviously, time to leave)

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