Thursday, October 27, 2011


 Ryan and Trevor Oakes in front of Cue Art Foundation with their drawing machine, Chelsea, NYC October 2011

In our never-ending quest to see ordinary things in a unique way, we found a new perspective on drawing with The Oakes Twins in Chelsea. 

The Oakes' drawing machine; which was on view two weeks ago on 25th street in Chelsea, is truly captivating. A skull cast, really? It was the Oakes' machine out on the sidewalk revealing the view across the street in perfect perspective on a concave canvas that drew us in to their show at the Cue Art Foundation. Lucky for us, Ryan and Trevor were at the gallery that afternoon so we were able to see their completed pieces as well as the drawing machine and the twins in action.

This show closes October 29, 2011, however below are links for more information on Ryan and Trevor Oakes

Below is a catalogue for the show 

Below a video by David Battistella INCREDIBLE 3D DRAWING MACHINE featuring Ryan and Trevor Oakes 

INCREDIBLE 3D DRAWING MACHINE from David Battistella on Vimeo.

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