Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HIP HIP HOORAY: Pae White's Professional at The Independent

Up these glowing stairs, 4 sets of them, at the former DIA space on 22nd street the hipster scene at The Independent (art fair) was much more entertaining than the art on view, but the piece below Pae White's Professional took me back to the moment that we considered a mobile for our son's crib. The Stim-Mobile was the only choice at the time that seemed modern and graphic enough to be approved by my art directing husband. How many hours are spent by babies gazing at mobiles in those early months? I thought quite a bit about being an infant, looking up at the shapes constantly moving, caressing the air above. 

When I came across Pae White's piece at The Independent I wanted to lie down underneath it and be mesmerized by the color, movement and overload of reflection, but security surely would have escorted me off the premises. An adult size mobile. It's trippy fantastic to look at. I could have gazed at it for a very long time.

Pae White's Professional The Independent, March 8-11 2012
Because a still image of Professional doesn't give you the sense of motion and reflection needed to truly appreciate it, I shot a short video in hopes that you too could take it in as if you were in it's presence.

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