Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Do you ever wonder what will become of the kids today when tomorrow comes? I'm speaking of many, many tomorrows from now, but still...

My kid and I took a road trip for spring break, 850 miles, 6 cities/towns in seven days and as soon as we packed ourselves into the rental car he presented his itouch with a playlist for our drive and started taking pictures. He ended up with over 300 pics by trips end with an additional 20 or so movies and yes a lot of them have already been emptied into the trash, but to my surprise quite a few had merit for a ten year old.

This isn't unusual for kids today. There's an ease to produce content if they have the tools to do so, be it vacation pics or a school project, information and answers are as easy to find as their own or a parent's ipad, laptop or computer and they are madly proficient with these gadgets.

I question though, if we're doing a disservice to kids today? It's so easy to find answers, write a paper, produce a photograph or make a movie that I wonder if they know how to break a sweat doing anything other than sports? Maybe this ease leaves room for some other benefit that I'm missing, but I can't help think that progress should be earned to be appreciated. My Papa in his later years telling me he walked up hill both to and from school with cardboard in his shoes is making a lot of sense to me now. 

I want my kid to realize the gifts he has and how to use them appropriately for the future.

Here are a few of his photographs from our trip.

Just the other night the kid and I had a conversation that gives me reason to think, yes, he gets it.

 "I wish I had seen technology grow the way you did, that must have been exciting to have played the first ever video game" and I answered, "but it will advance for you in the same way, we just don't know what those advances are they're unfolding as we speak, you may experience the same growth in technology." he responded, "What if an alien is looking down at us right now saying, look at those cave men?"

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