Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello, love. It's me, Kate.

Danziger Projects 527 West 23rd MAY 12 - JUNE 30, 2011

Kate. Where to begin...maybe in the 90's, watching my then husband's obsession. Coming home disheveled in the middle of the night with armfuls of Calvin Klein advertisements stolen from bus shelters with life size images of Kate in her underwear. He could be doing worse things I thought. "Just make sure I don't have to bail you out of jail, ok? And you can't hang them up."

An artist muse, the anti-supermodel, heroin-chic waif at 5' 7", with her rock and roll style, I'm with the band attitude and her association with some of the hottest men of her generation, that's why I've always been interested. Yeah, she's never made a statement about anything in particular, but she seems real to me. And that's exactly why Kate the kate moss book is still on my shelf and it's a keeper.

The concept of the show is interesting, 11 photographers, one favourite shot from each, art directed by Ruth Ansel who designed the limited-edition portfolio and they're splitting the proceeds between Moss, the gallery and the photographers, but you know what, I wanted to see more.

I have a favourite shot of Kate and it just happens to be in this show.

 What's yours?

P.S. Jamie Hince...thank you, she's been on the right path ever since she met you.


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