Monday, May 30, 2011

Transfinite Transfixion, Ryoji Ikeda at The Park Avenue Armory

Through June 11, 2011

The Park Avenue Armory has yet to disappoint me. So I took a chance. I have no idea who this Ryoji Ikeda is, but I needed something visual and sitting in a cinema for 2 hours on a gorgeous day wasn't an option. 

Sound and Vision...YES, and this was IT...I couldn't help but think about Aronofsky's Pi and perhaps we were being manipulated or coded ourselves while we contemplated where to sit and which side of the screen suited us best. The human interaction is quite a spectacle too and will most likely add to your experience.

I love being able to expose my kid to shows like this. I hadn't seen anything half as cool as this when I was his age. I hope he gets it and I think he does.

Enjoy, and if you go, tell me about it.

Ryoji Ikeda- data.tron

Ryoji Ikeda- data.tron

Ryoji Ikeda- data.tron

Ryoji Ikeda- The kid reacts

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