Sunday, June 26, 2011

J'adore Les Chauds Lapins: Homegrown Music Festival, Stuyvesant Town, June 25, 2011

Les Chauds Lapins, Homegrown Music Festival

Kurt Hoffman, Les Chauds Lapins

Sometimes you get more than you think...

An impromptu invite for a picnic in the oval in Stuyvesant Town with the kids. "They're having some band thing...let's have a picnic." Then Les Chauds Lapins starts to play. I think to myself, "Paris is stalking me." Ok, I haven't bought my ticket yet...I said I was buying my kid and I a ticket to Paris last week after watching the first five minutes of Woody's latest Midnight in Paris and I haven't...yet! 

Paris knows I'm slacking and sent me here so this band can mock me, singing in French like an "I told you so." Ok, I get it.

Hand me that cigarette, dance around my make shift picnic blanket...pour another glass of le's too early yet!

Go see this band....Les Chauds Laupins, they're playing Barb├Ęs in Park Slope (9 St and 6 Ave) next Thursday at 8 it's the next best thing to being there (Paris) least tonight it was.

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