Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Redneck in me: The Tractor Parade, Callicoon, NY 2011

For the past 15 years on a June Sunday at noon, tractors have paraded down Main Street in Callicoon, NY, just as they did this past June 12th. 

Originally from the South, this sort of pageantry is comforting and reminds me of my childhood summers...wearing daisy dukes, walking barefoot on scorching hot pavement, patiently waiting on honeysuckle nectar to drop into our mouths and when seeing pastures filled with pretty horses and cows chewing grass on dairy farms was a common sight. 

This was our second year attending the parade and we've decided it's now a tradition. Approximately 218 tractors came down Main street, last year there were over 300. 

Sometimes getting out of the city is just what one needs to get recharged for more of the city. 

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