Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sommelier surprise me...Terroir in the East Village

 (Disclaimer: the girl above the "O"with the black eye, I can't promise she won't be there when you go, but it's highly unlikely)

You know that moment when you're standing on the street corner in NYC and someone says "Wanna get a drink?" and you say "Yeah, sure, where?" Well, I despise the indecision that comes after. So I started a list and Terrior is one of those places you should have in your phone notes as places you won't get pissed off in when you want to have a glass of wine and conversate...If you're in the East Village head to 12th street between 1st ave. and Ave A to Terrior...(pronounced Tear rar and yes their splash screen is ridiculously annoying)

And this is why....

Terrior seats approximately 22 people. There's no standing room, so have a seat or don't come in. There's no scene here, and the seating is communal, so you should be open to meeting new people. The lighting is ambient and warm, so you'll look good, but be careful if this is a first date, they will too, hold your judgement.

The Menu at Terrior

Don't even bother picking a wine off the extensive menu. Yes, there are plenty of wines to choose from, but it's best to leave it to the sommelier. Tell them what you like and let them propose something, they'll bring you a taste and if it's not to your liking you'll discuss other options. I have yet to be disappointed. However, the menu itself is what sold me on Terrior. Reminiscent of a high school notebook, with lined paper,  it's smart, current and ever changing.

If Jesus and Satan had a son..... The Terrior Menu

The Terrior Menu

If things aren't going so well with your date or your friends are boring you and you've read through the menu, then just hang out in the bathroom, it's bigger than my son's bedroom and there's a library of books on wine and such, that will surely kill some time, but I can assure you it won't be necessary. And some how it seems important for others to note there is no phone at Terrior, but who has a landline anymore, huh? It seems appropriate. Oh and I almost forgot they serve little bar snacks and I must say they looked delicious!

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