Monday, July 18, 2011

Can you dig it? Naomi Campbell and Isaac Hayes, 21 years later and still pinching myself...

Photo by Edward Mapplethorpe (Maxey), 1990

Naomi Campbell and Isaac Hayes, photo shoot with Edward Mapplethorpe (Maxey) for 1990 November Paper Magazine

21 years ago...visiting my friend Edward in NYC, at his loft on Lafayette that also happened to be his studio....there was a photo shoot that day. "Mind hanging around til I'm done?" Are you kidding? "I'm not going anywhere!!!"

Naomi Campbell, photo by Edward Mapplethorpe (Maxey), 1990

Back then I use to shoot everything on my Sony Handy-cam. I asked if anyone would mind if I shot some video. This was the first photo shoot I had ever attended. Paper Magazine, Naomi Campbell and Isaac Hayes and yeah, it was pretty damn cool!

RIP Isaac Hayes

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